Install an SSD in Laptop without Reinstalling Windows

Your pc has a small amount of garage area and runs slowly, so you plan to install/add an SSD to improve the performance of your computer? It’s genuinely a good concept. Installing an SSD on your pc may appear easy, however it is no longer. You may additionally face a few knotty issues, along with system migration.

It’s now not difficult to choose a Solid State Disk in your computer, due to the fact you simply want to word down your laptop version or the difficult force interface type which may be checked on your computer manual, then choose an SSD that suits your laptop. It’s no longer difficult to install the SSD either, due to the fact you just want to comply with the commands: energy off the pc, disassemble its again cover and deploy the SSD. The most troublesome component is device migration, which usually approach that you need to reinstall the Windows working machine and required software packages on the new SSD. Performing a smooth reinstall calls for some arrangements, along with backing up your statistics, making a Windows installation disc, and many others., and the entire technique may be very bulky especially the backup and set up. If you don’t have an amazing backup approach, you’ll face information loss.

So here comes the query: is there a way to install an SSD on your pc with out reinstalling Windows OS? The solution is Yes. A professional Windows cloning device like iSumsoft Cloner allows clear up this problem thoroughly. It permits you to at once replica/switch your Windows OS to the SSD with out losing facts and remains the SSD bootable. It keeps all your information intact and saves the problem of reinstalling Windows. Here are the details.

Step 1: Make positive the SSD is attached to the pc.
If your laptop supports installing two hard drives together, deploy the SSD within the computer. Otherwise, you need to join the SSD to the laptop externally via an external tough power enclosure in addition to a USB-to-SATA adapter.
Turn on the laptop and log in to Windows. Make certain the SSD is displayed as a partition. You may additionally first want to open Disk Management to initialize the new SSD before you could use it.
Step 2: Copy Windows OS immediately to the SSD.
Download and set up the iSumsoft Cloner on the pc. After set up, release the software program.
Select the Copy alternative at the left side, choose your modern device drive (commonly power C:) because the source target, pick out the SSD power as the destination target, after which click on on Start to start copying the Windows OS to the SSD.
Now just watch for the copying procedure to finish. This normally takes around 10 minutes, depending at the used space of the working gadget drive. When you acquire a “Mission Completed” activate on the software program screen, your Windows OS has been efficaciously copied to the newly installed SSD.
Step three: Boot your computer from the SSD.
Now you may restart your laptop, input its BIOS utility, and set the SSD because the first boot tool, so your laptop can boot from it. Note that in case you formerly connected the SSD to the pc externally, this time you have to install it within the pc. Then your Windows OS will work typically with none problems.