Computer Problems and Technical Support

When your laptop starts offevolved appearing up due to hardware problems or malware / virus and you have to relinquish your pc to the technical guide guy for problem shooting and pc restoration for some days, you may feel lost and insecure and quite frankly fidgety and careworn.

You discover your self in a state of affairs in which you have no control over your work which has grow to be very dependent on your pc. Your computer being dysfunctional reasons uncertainty as you are not positive if and whilst it will be equipped for use once more. You also are no longer positive if the troubles may be fixed, and whether you may have it back in time for the work reachable.

Your satisfactory wager for conditions like this is training and taking proactive measures before it takes place. Before something like this takes place, you want to have contingency planning in region. In case you can not have your laptop for some days (which takes place) you want in order to maintain work on any pc everywhere – see you later because it has net connection. Take is from me, I research it the hard manner.

For excellent exercise, do the following on a regular foundation to shop your self lots of needless duress and angst:

Get a great virus and malware software to defend your laptop. Always use licensed programs, free utility no longer only do now not include guide they will open your device to viruses and malware.

Back up all facts documents often. Keep copies of your backup by means of date so that you can without difficulty repair. Take this danger to clean up files that you now not want; they no longer handiest takes up area however it will become tougher with a purpose to search via the documents when you want to look for documents.

Have a working folder. This is the folder you’ll copy over onto a transportable pen force so that you can carry on work on any pc. This have to not contain too many documents. It will have sub folders of the subsequent:

Working tasks (simplest) with files and documents you are presently working on inside the numerous initiatives. Tag your documents and folders for clean reference. Do not document with the aid of date but report by using projects or keywords beneath appropriate folders.

File with of all log in ids and passwords. You can make use of password managers or manually use a document to song this. Keep this updated as you exchange your passwords periodically. This is one record do not need to depart in your pc before you hand it over to the technical guy to work in your system! Delete and empty trash earlier than you give up your machine.

File with favorite URLs of websites you frequently use. Bookmarks and favorites are machine dependent so you want to have your URLs available and up to date. Alternatively you can additionally preserve a ordinary lower back up replica of your favorites. Include homepage URLs on your browsers.

List of all the applications you’ve got with the modern-day versions. This allows when you want to update your programs whilst you get your computer returned. You will want time to reinstall applications and packages, so that you can use them in your device.

These are the basics have to dos. So the next time your technical character needs to take your laptop away for trouble taking pictures or reformatting, all you want is to copy your working folder over to a transportable tool (tough disk or pen pressure) and you may continue your work using any laptop that has a connection to the net.