I Have a Side Project Going on

I have been really busy on this project, which is pretty off of the books and after I get off of my job. The guy bugged me a lot before I went to look at the place and I realized that it was only about five blocks from the shop, so I can walk to work from this place. At once I looked up and told him he needed to find a place to do tree removal in Long Island. He was not eager to do that because he wanted to be as cheap as he could, but I told him that I would not be walking under this tree every day or parking my truck in the driveway under that thing. It was obviously going to fall sooner or later and I was not going to risk being at the wrong place when that time came around. In fact the tree fell in a wind storm about ten days after this.

The tree fell where I expected it to fall almost exactly, although it did not really damage the house all that much and only clipped the corner of the roof. I climbed up there and fixed it in a couple of hours, then I moved into the place at least so far as I wanted to. I figured that I could put in a few hours at night and on the weekend, and since it was convenient I just started to sleep there when it suited me. I told the guy that it would take time, which does not concern him too much. He comes over to help me and when he can he does what I tell him to do. He is just enough help to not be nuisance if you know what I mean, but it is his money.